Electrical Assembly/ Refrigeration Tech

Job Description

Install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. Employee must be able to:

  • Attend work on the schedule established by the employer.
  • Follow all safe work practices.
  • Obtain parts and materials.
  • Routes, wires, assembles, and installs electrical components. Reads work orders, blueprints, and specifications to determine established assembly methods.
  • Cuts wire to specified lengths, using wire cutters.
  • Cuts plastic sleeves and slips sleeves over wire ends to insulate connections.
  • Crimps terminal eyelets and lugs to wire ends, using hand or machine crimping device.
  • Routes, combs, twists, wraps, ties, and attaches wire to terminal points, according to jig board layout, using soldering gun and handtools.
  • Connects wiring to accessories, such as relays, circuit breakers, plugs, condensers, switches, and solenoids, and installs accessory assemblies in electrical or electronic units, using soldering gun and handtools.
  • Conducts functional and continuity tests of electrical assemblies, components, wire harness, and plugs, using ohmmeter, test lights, and other electrical testing instruments.
  • May attach eyelets, terminals, and mounting studs to etched circuit boards.
  • Change hoses, fittings, etc. when needed.
  • Installs, inspects, maintains and repairs refrigeration equipment.
  • Installs and troubleshoots specialized refrigeration equipment and machinery.
  • Tests lines, components and connections using electrical, mechanical and pneumatic test equipment.
  • Does soldering and brazing.
  • Charges and leak checks refrigeration systems.
  • Performs pre-start up checks on equipment and adjusts as necessary.
  • Requisitions material and supplies from stockroom; and orders from vendors.
  • Reads complex blueprints, sketches and schematics.
  • May assist with installation of cables for electrical distribution systems.
  • May do other trades work incidental to electrical work.
  • Clean up work area daily.
  • Work overtime when necessary.
  • Standing 90% and sitting 10% with bending, pushing, pulling, twisting and lifting up to 50 pounds (anything more than 50 pounds request assistance).

Skills:Understand and apply safe electrical work techniques; work quickly and skillfully with the hands; accept responsibility for the work performed; visualize what the finished product should look like; operate equipment with skill. Must be able to read, understand and speak English.Tools Required:Steel Toe Work Shoes 25’ Tape Measure Standard Pliers Screwdriver SetSocket Set (Metric/Standard) Set of wrenches Channel Lock Pliers Wire StripperExperience:High School Diploma or GED requiredThorough knowledge of electrical component installation and troubleshooting preferred. Previous experience in an industrial environment preferred.

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